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Looking For Your Inspection Report

If you are on this page you must have received an automated notification from our system letting you know that your inspection report is ready to be reviewed or accessed.
To access your inspection report(s), please below simply enter the access codes provided, follow the on screen instructions and you will be taken directly into your account.
All inspection reports are stored on the system and available to you at any time. From a wind mitigation perspective, these reports have a 5 year life span and will be available to you for the coming 5 years.
Inspection Depot is uniquely positioned to provide every inspection and insurance claims service, available in the market today, underwriting inspections, daily and catastrophe adjusting, emergency management inspections and more.


Each completed inspection report will be complete with a cover page, an explanation letter which is private labeled, the actual inspection report, photographs and backup documentation to verify and validate the features identified on each report.
All reports are automatically delivered via PDF, email or FTP, depending on your client’s selection once approved by either the Independent Third Party Quality Assurance Process or in-house quality assurance mechanisms accordingly.
All inspection reports are stored online and available within each insurance agent’s account.
Here are the samples of our complete inspection reports


  • Residential Wind Mitigation Report
  • Second Opinion Mitigation Comparison Report
  • Mitigation Summary Report
  • 4 Point – Building Services Update Report
  • General Conditions and Hazards Report
  • Roof Survey Report
  • Chinese Drywall Assessment Report


  • Commercial Mitigation Inspection Report Type
  • Commercial Mitigation Inspection Report Type II and III
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